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the williwaw ensemble
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new news-like news 15.september.2007
Sounds, and links to sound+vision interactions, in the newly integrated sights + sounds section. Right now, it's all from the 23.october.2004 show, but it's still something, b'golly.
something about the williwaw ensemble
the williwaw ensemble is a loose collective of nimble fingers and nylon strings that soothes the world's aching need for some hot-hot-hot! uke-on-uke action. many a fine local stalwart has contributed to the amalgamated sound of molten cicada lust:

n. braddock
c. charles
j. elkington
c. falzone
s. hallenbeck
d. hunter
c. khoury
p. killian
a. leach
j. meyering
m. nelson
g. o'drobinak
k. rainey
c. robinson
d. sullivan