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the williwaw ensemble
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williwaw vs. falzone 09.may.2009
the evening's duo : falzone | williwaw
twenty-two short films on the symbol - a contusion of flame-orange steel designed by alexander liberman
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live at the candlestick maker 07.december.2002
the evening's ensemble : braddock | elkington | falzone | hunter | o'drobinak | rainey | williwaw
half bend bend release unison bend whole bend hammer on muffled string natural harmonic palm mute pre-bend pre-bend release pull off slide slide tapping tremolo picking trill vibrato wide vibrato
live at the candlestick maker 23.october.2004
the evening's ensemble : charles | khoury | killian | rainey | sullivan | williwaw
felix all puzzled (williwaw)
it's about that time (m. davis)
conceit alert : this isn't the same video that was projected while such renditions were rendered, but it actually might be more enjoyable - yes, a series of shorts of a train trip from kobehavn are more enjoyable than what was shown that night. and yet the people stayed. bless 'em.
a dog's love, parts I & II (williwaw ensemble)